Melbourne Cup 2016 Results: The Results are Shocking!

Melbourne Cup 2016 Results:

Melbourne Cup 2016 has been the most entertaining horse races till date. There were many predictions before the start of the race but the Melbourne Cup 2016 results are shocking! We too predicted some of the horses that they might be the hot favorites before the start of the tournament. But every prediction went wrong because, this time the competition level was at its peak and there were many contenders in the race to win the title.

Melbourne Cup 2016 Results

Melbourne Cup Results:

To get more information on the Melbourne Cup results, you can always visit the official website to stay updated with the latest happenings in the race. There are times when you search for the best sources to check the results of the horse race but you end up with some unofficial source and will be redirected to unknown websites. And that’s the reason we are going to reveal the Melbourne Cup winner directly so that you don’t need to visit any other website to check the Melbourne Cup 2016 results. If you have missed the live action of the race, you can just click on Melbourne Cup live stream 2016 to watch the replay of the complete race.

Melbourne Cup Winner:

Not making you wait anymore, we are going to reveal the name of the Melbourne Cup 2016 winner name. Believe or not, it’s **** who won the Cup. We know that the results are shocking as this was not expected to happen. But, this is how the horse racing goes on. We just can’t underestimate any horse or horse rider in the race till the last second. It’s all about honor and pride for what the riders play. In past we did provide the list of top 15 horses of Melbourne Cup 2016. And the results were quite matching according to our list of horses.

Melbourne Cup 2016 Winner:

There were many categories in the race and there are different winners in the each category. So this Melbourne Cup 2016 ended up with a shocking result and we hope that everything goes well next year. Stay tuned to our blog to get the latest updates on the horse racing events. 
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